Friday, January 2, 2015

Knitting Catch Up!

I haven't been very good about finding time to blog lately. Mainly because I'm exhausted once the kids finally go to bed and it's hard to write a semi-coherent sentence when they are all awake. I also got behind putting my projects on Ravelry, so today I decided to catch up.
I actually bought yarn to make THIS little hat when I was pregnant with Brenna, but never got around to making it. I decided I better actually get it knit up this time. The yarn I used is 20% angora and SO, SO soft without being as pilly as yarn with a higher angora content.

I have problems with newborn socks. My babies have long skinny feet and most store bought socks are short and wide. This time I decided to make my own (I know, I know one pair isn't going to go very far, but I don't think I'm going to manage to get any more made before baby arrives). I made these a bit longer in the foot than the PATTERN recommends, hopefully they'll fit!
I wanted something special that would fit to come home from the hospital in and THIS little sweater/vest seemed just right. I bought this yarn to make something for baby since the colorway is called Valentine and baby is due on Valentine's Day ( although the ultrasound has my due date as the 13th , I'll just stick with valentine's since it's easier). I just hadn't decided what I was going to make when I bought it. I was a little nervous about this pattern since it only came in newborn size and my babies tend to be big, so I went up one size needle and it ended up just right!
I had been wanting to make THIS little soaker pattern for a long time, but ended up making patterns that don't require seaming instead. When I was cleaning out my craft bins, I found a cake of pencil roving that I had bought years ago and forgot about and decided that I finally had to make this pattern. My seaming sucks, as usual, but since it's for use as a diaper cover, I think it will be just fine.

Now I'm only one project behind on my Ravelry page since I also finished a sweater for Carlitos for Christmas, but I can't find the pictures of it right now, so I'll post it another day.