Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Ashlinn Update!

Ashlinn had her 2 week check up last Friday on her 3 week birthday. Our doctor's office is really busy right now, so they couldn't get us in for an appointment until a week late. Friday was actually her due date since we had her at 37 weeks due to my health problems.
The good news is that she is doing really well. She still has a bit of jaundice, but it's nothing to worry about anymore. The bad news is that she was just barely back at her birth weight at 3 weeks instead of 2 like the doctors prefer. The two of us had a bit of a rough start with nursing. You'd think after this many kids, nursing would be a breeze, but not this time. Between Ashlinn being a little early and having jaundice ( not quite bad enough for treatment, but close) and me having the c-section and my blood pressure getting worse after her birth instead of better, we had some difficulties. I think we're over the worst of it now, but she might be going in for another weight check this week just to make sure.
Miss Ashlinn already tracks objects, rolls from her back or stomach to her sides and vice versa, and holds her head up. We've tried convincing her that it's okay to just be a baby, but she doesn't seem convinced.
Her siblings are quite thrilled with her! She is a bit apprehensive around the little ones, but still seems to enjoy the attention as long as a bigger person is nearby. I can't believe she's almost a month old already!

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