Sunday, February 15, 2015


Today was Devon's eighteenth birthday! That's right, eighteen! It doesn't really seem possible.
Devon's big present is a passport. That way she can be ready to travel out of the country as soon as she saves up enough money to go. I know, if we were really good parents, we would have given her the trip out of the country too, but that's an expensive precedent to set when we have 7 more kids to follow.
Brenna was so excited about Devon's new hair straightener that she opened it herself before Devon had a chance.
She also got a new hair dryer, that way I get mine back.
And a pair of headphones, so she doesn't have to listen to the little kids when she's on the computer.

Then we all went out to our favorite restaurant, New Peking, for dinner.
Baby Carlitos and his parents were able to join us! Owen loves his nephew so much and the affection seems to be mutual. Carlitos was kissing Owen too.
Devon has one class left to finish her Pastry Certification. Then she will only be going to school to practice for the big cooking competition in May since she has a spot on the competition team. She finished up her internship at the Co-op last month and just started working at Lynden Dutch Bakery. It is so amazing to see all of her hard work paying off and to watch as she follows her dreams.

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