Sunday, May 24, 2015

Ashlinn {2 Months}

I decided when Ashlinn was born that I would take her picture on her blankie every month for the first year of her life and give or take a day or two I've managed to keep up so far. I haven't, however, managed to keep up with posting the pictures, so here's a catch up post of her 2 month pictures.

I can't believe how rolly-polly she is. I shouldn't be surprised since all of my kids have been at this age, but since all the rolls disappear once they start moving, it still startles me.

Devon came in to help me take pictures (her camera is MUCH better than mine). She took a few pictures and decided she was done since Ashlinn was boring and didn't do anything yet.

So, Ashlinn rolled over! I'd been pretty sure she was rolling before this since I'm careful to leave her on her back when I'm not watching her and I'd found her on he stomach a few times, but this was the first time I'd caught her in the act!

She was pretty proud of herself!

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