Monday, May 25, 2015

Happy Birthday Duncan! {Eleven}

We have a semi-tradition in our family about unusual gift wrapping methods. Especially when we want to conceal the gift for as long as possible.
This year, Duncan really wanted a Nintendo DS for his birthday. We'd already told him that it was a little out of our target price range, but Rod and I started talking and realized it had been quite a while since Duncan had gotten a "big ticket" item as a present. For Christmas he had actually asked for a present that he know Owen wanted instead of something for himself. So, we ended up getting it for him. But, we had to torture him a little first.
We wrapped the DS in Ashlinn's diapers and put it in a shoe box.
He was pretty happy once he got to the actual present. So was Owen!
After presents, Duncan got to go on his traditional shopping trip with Rod's Dad.
Grandpa started taking the kids for a one on one shopping trip for their birthdays  back when Devon and Connor were just little. It's now one of their birthday highlights.
Then he came back home for homemade pizza and store bought cake ( Hey, I had surgery less than 2 weeks ago and Devon gets sick of cooking now that she works in a bakery) with Kristi, Simon, and Carlitos.
Carlitos had more fun with Duncan's cake than he had with his own birthday cake last month!
Ashlinn thinks her nephew is pretty cool.
Carlitos was more interested in the toys though. He was especially interested in the basket the girls brought him toys in which was actually the flower girl basket from his parent's wedding.

All in all, I think Duncan had a pretty great birthday. He's been too engrossed in his new toy to tell anyone though!

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