Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween 2014 {2nd year on the Ketogenic Diet}

Can I just say how glad I am that Halloween is over? It is probably the hardest holiday on the Ketogenic Diet. Thanksgiving has food, but a lot of that is easy to make similar Keto approved items. Christmas has candy, cookies, and gingerbread decorating parties, but it also has presents and singing. Valentine's is kind of a pain when your kid can't eat any goodies, but it's the easiest one to ignore and there are always cute stuffed animals to give instead of candy. There is quite a bit of food involved with Easter, but it's pretty easy to stuff eggs with money and little prizes instead of candy. Halloween though, pretty much revolves around candy Owen can't eat. He also can't wear face paint, use temporary tattoos, or carve pumpkins without gloves. Even with gloves, we have to watch to make sure he doesn't get anything above the gloves.
Now a huge part of it is just Rod and I stressing about things that usually don't happen, but it makes things tense instead of fun. We end up worrying about every possible thing that can possibly go wrong. Although I never worried about him biting through a glow stick which someone else's Keto kid did this year. By the way, if your child does ever eat a glow stick, poison control recommends giving them milk. Then if they are on the Ketogenic Diet, you have to give them a bunch of oil to counteract the milk. One more thing to add to the worry list for next year, right?
Owen just wanted to poke at his pumpkin with the little carving blade
Anyway, most of the things we worried about and prepared for, never actually became problems. The kids had a blast, as usual. Owen only asked twice if he could have any candy. Most of the time, he was just happy to get to ring doorbells. He LOVES ringing doorbells. This year he also discovered door knockers and had fun with those too. Brenna thinks all the candy belongs to her. She just helps herself to everyone's treat bags. She won't share her own though, like a typical two year old.
Morgan told Brenna that her pumpkin was cute. To which Brenna replied " No It's not! It's scary!"
I didn't get many pictures of the kids in their costumes, as usual. I just don't seem to have enough hands for the camera. I only made one costume piece this year, everything else was recycled from previous years or the dress up box.

Devon was a flapper, Connor was a hunchback, Cameron was a troll, although he couldn't wear the mask most of the time because Brenna was scared to death of it. Duncan was a wizard (I wouldn't let him be a which hunter, because I'm mean), Morgan was a witch ( which is the reason Duncan wanted to be a witch hunter and the real reason I wouldn't let him), Owen was Frodo again, he refused to be anything else. Brenna was a butterfly, fairy princess. All three because being one or the other simply wasn't good enough. Baby Carlitos was supposed to be a tiger, but he was really grumpy due to cutting teeth and refused to wear his costume. Luckily he's adorable anyway.
The kids are actually coming down off their sugar high pretty well. I didn't get any complaints when I told them they had to get dressed and do their chores before they could have any candy. The Candy Fairy arrived late Halloween night and replaced Owen's candy with a Lego set and some color change glasses, which he is thrilled with and Mommy finally got to take a nap, so we're all pretty happy right now.


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