Saturday, November 22, 2014

Happy Birthday Connor!!!

Connor turned 16 yesterday!! Sixteen! Can you believe it? Mom and Dad still had to get him a toy, so he got this Lego set. Otherwise his presents of choice now are tools, computer stuff (Mom's not very technical, can you tell?), and money, of course.
Connor is our resident computer tech support as well as Mr. Fixit whenever Dad isn't home. He still has a few practice hours to fulfill, but then he'll be getting his driver's license.

Devon has been too busy between school and work to bake a cake and Mom has been too sick, so Costco did the honors this time.
Brenna kept blowing out the candles before we could get them all lit.
I know it was Connor's birthday, so the pictures should be of him, but Brenna insisted that she didn't need a fork for her cake.
Owen eventually decided she needed help.
Owen was so good about not being able to eat the cake. He gave everyone their napkins and forks and then fed Brenna since he couldn't eat any himself. We are over 1 year seizure free now, but sometimes this diet really kills me.


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