Monday, April 15, 2013

John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt (or Spit)

Devon was singing to the little kids the other day and couldn't remember the song "where his name is my name". " Do you know what song I mean mom?" she asked. I did, of course. John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt, His name is my name too, Whenever we go out the people always shout, There goes John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt! Dah,dah,dah,dah ,dah, da dah da! So, I walked away and Devon started singing the song. Only Owen kept spitting in her face. I came back in the room to have a little talk with Owen. "Owen , We don't spit at people! Why do you keep spitting at Devon?" "I'm just singing the song. John Jacob Jingleheimer SPIT!" What would we ever do without this little boy?

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