Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Kids Clothes Week

It's kids sewing week and this year I decided to participate. Why this time when I haven't ever before? Well, because I actually came across the site 2 weeks BEFORE this season's challenge week instead of a week or two after. Usually I see a post on the cute things someone made and then have to try and remember to check in for the next season. Of course, I then forget until after the next challenge is over, and well, let's just say I've been wanting to participate for over a year and just finally got my timing right.

This year's challenge also came at the perfect time, since I had just ordered some new fabric and patterns to make clothes for Brenna, Can you believe my baby is almost an entire year old?!

I don't have any finished items to show yet. I very rarely make just one item at a time when I sew. This time I am basically making Brenna a whole new wardrobe, so I cut all my fabric first. Then I pin everything that needs to be serged for all the different items I'm making that can be sewn with the same color thread. Then I re-pin and sew, Re-pin and serge, etc. Kind of an assembly line process. Tomorrow I will probably have a couple of the simpler items finished, but by Saturday I should be finished with everything. Except maybe sewing on buttons, that might have to wait another day or two.

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