Friday, August 22, 2014

Announcement Update! {Aug. 2014}

About a month ago, I made the announcement that we are expecting again in February. Today was my second prenatal appointment. Since we didn't get pictures this time (next time), you get to see some pictures of my last little baby instead.
Brenna was actually a very content baby which is why I had to get pictures when she did cry.
So, I've had really bad morning (noon and night) sickness this time. My current weight gain is still in the negative numbers which isn't entirely a bad thing since I tend to have large babies, but it's interfering with me eating a healthy diet so we decided to try a pharmaceutical option for clearing it up this time. I'm giving the insurance company a few days to decide if they will cover it, then I'll hopefully start on Monday. The main reason I decided to try medication this time is that my blood pressure is already climbing. I've had problems with preeclampsia before, but I'm usually able to keep it under control by following a strict high protein/ low carb diet. This time I've been too sick to eat that way and it seems to be a problem. Hopefully, if I can get the morning sickness under control, I'll be able to get the blood pressure under control too. In the meantime though, I earned myself a visit with the high risk nurse. I'll be taking my blood pressure twice a day and sending the results to her once a week for follow up. Unless I hit a certain threshold, in which case I'm to call in immediately.
Other than that, everything was good. Baby was being a bit uncooperative about letting us get a heartrate, but finally cooperated enough to tell us it was normal. My babies don't like the doppler and tend to run away from it. We get about 3 seconds of monitoring and then have to try a new location, over and over. I have to go in for a thyroid re-check in the next week but otherwise we're set until September 22nd when we will do our next ultrasound.

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