Saturday, August 16, 2014

Vacation!!! {Summer 2014}

We just spent a few days at Great Wolf Lodge with Grandma and Grandpa! The kids had a blast, although everyone was a bit overtired by the time we left. Poor Cameron got sick just before we left and had to stay home with Devon who didn't go because of prior commitments. Connor, Duncan, and Morgan stayed with Grandma and Grandpa for a few more days on an extended adventure, but Brenna and Owen came home with us a couple of days ago. Yes, a couple of days ago. I haven't blogged until now because I seem to have come down with the same thing Cam had on the way home and on top of my morning sickness, I haven't really felt like doing anything but sleeping the last two days.
Brenna took a while to warm up each time we entered the waterpark. She wasn't sure she liked getting splashed in the face, but then she'd get used to things and have fun.
Owen was in absolute Heaven! He loves the water, he loves getting wet, he isn't afraid of anything. With his epilepsy and all the medications he's on, he gets overtired easily. We'd have to drag him out for a nap whenever he started falling down and tripping too much so that he wouldn't have any seizures. He did great though and dealt with everything quite well. Great Wolf Lodge was wonderful about accommodating his ketogenic diet too. There is a no outside food and drink rule in the waterpark itself, but they were really good about allowing us to bring in any special items Owen needed.
Morgan was tall enough to earn herself a green safety bracelet which meant she was able to go on all the rides although she needed an adult with her for the biggest ride. Duncan was big enough to not need a safety bracelet at all which meant that he could go on all the rides without needed to be accompanied by an adult. Since he didn't need us with him all the time I only managed to get this picture though.
Connor was an amazing help with the younger kids! I was so proud of him.

This is actually Connor after taking Owen down the slide.
It was really nice to have some time away. I don't know exactly what condition Owen will be in after his upcoming new treatments, so it was great to do something fun with him while we can still enjoy it.

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