Sunday, August 31, 2014

Baby Dedication!

Today was Kevin-Carlos' Baby Dedication! Cassi was even able to come all the way from Kentucky!
Owen had to get involved, Carlitos is his baby you know!
The party had a Fiesta theme, so there was a pinata for the kids.
The pinata proved to be made of some pretty tough stuff, so we eventually had to call in the big kids for help.
They finally broke through!
Owen was thrilled to find a Lego toy just for him in the pile of candy, since he can't have any of the candy. The other kids decided that this was an even better return on their investment than Halloween. They didn't have to walk as far and didn't have to knock on a single door and still came home with a huge bag of candy.
Uncle Ray and cousin Hudson
I can't believe how big Carlitos has gotten. Four months ago he was a 3lb 12oz preemie and now he's over 13lbs!
We tried to get a picture of Grandma and Grandpa with all the grandkids and great-grandkids (Ray's daughter Alex was the only one missing). Have you ever tried to get 12 kids all cooperating for one picture? Let's just say it took a few tries and we finally had to bring in Hudson's mommy to help.
Don't worry, there was a real photographer too. I'm sure some of her pictures are better than mine.
I had to get a Barkley picture because he's just so handsome! It was so nice to see everyone all together today to celebrate Carlitos' dedication!

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