Friday, September 12, 2014

Baby Hat!

I know I just said how I don't do much knitting in the summer, but it's starting to get colder and I've started knitting more. The other day I was just dying for baby stuff. I don't really need much baby stuff with this baby though. We replaced most of our hardware ( crib, changing table, car seat, swing, bouncer) with the last two kids since after 6 or 7 stuff starts to wear out. The only things I really need for this one are a few weather appropriate clothes and since we don't know gender yet, I can't really shop for those. I bought the Hudson Hat pattern a long time ago and hadn't gotten around to actually making one, so I dug through my stash yarn for something gender neutral and finally got this one made up.
My gauge was a little off, so I followed the newborn instructions and got a 3-6 month (I'm guessing) sized hat. The only other change I made was to eliminate the tassels from the bottom of the ties. I didn't want to take the chance of baby biting them off.

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