Sunday, October 5, 2014

More Baby Things and a Lie!

I lied! I said that I would be posting more often now that my anti-nausea medication has kicked in and I'm not as sick as I was. It hasn't happened though. One problem is that LESS sick isn't the exact same thing as not sick at all. Another is, that I only get blogging time at night after the kids are in bed and even though I'm less sick, I'm still tired. Then, I lost the camera  and we all know how badly blog posts without pictures suck. Then there is this little problem I have. If I get too far behind, I get overwhelmed and can't figure out where to start, so I just don't. BUT, I made myself a May Day resolution( New Year's resolutions for procrastinators)  a while ago, that I would post ALL of my finished projects on Ravelry and I have been very good about it until this Summer. I didn't want to mess up my resolution, so I decided that since I finally found the camera and got buttons for the sweater, that it was time to catch up my Ravelry page. Since I'm putting stuff on the computer anyway, I figured it was a good time to pull the blog out of mothballs. So, finally a blog post!
This little sweater is a bit of a mystery. I found this tiny pattern and decided it was perfect for one of my club yarns. So, I finished the sweater and set it aside until we found out baby's gender to pick out buttons. The little green buttons I decided on are actually flower shaped although you can't really tell from the pictures. When I went to post the sweater on my Ravelry projects page, I couldn't find the pattern anywhere. I couldn't find the hard copy I'd printed out and I couldn't find it online anywhere. It's like it disappeared into a different space/time continuum. I know I found it online once and I know I printed it out. Obviously, I actually made the pattern, but I can't find it anywhere now.
Right after I finished the sweater (minus buttons), I made a little bootie to match. Then 2 months later, I decided that one bootie probably wasn't going to be of much use and made the second bootie. I don't know why it's so hard to finish second items. Most things that come in twos; mittens, gloves, socks, booties, etc; aren't really finished without the second item of the pair being made. You'd think it wouldn't take so long to get around to making the second item, but it almost always does.
So, I'm not making any promises this time about my upcoming blogging consistency, because obviously, I'm a liar.  I do have a few more baby projects to post though and the photos are already uploaded, so there should be some more posts coming soon.

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