Monday, October 27, 2014


Guess what today is?

It's the anniversary of THIS day, but that's not what I'm excited about. It's also the anniversary of the seizure Owen had after carving pumpkins without gloves last year. We didn't make that mistake again this year, notice the gloves in the pictures. Why am I excited about Owen having a seizure last year?


That's right!!! Today marks one year seizure free!!!!
Unfortunately, he still has very abnormal EEG's. Bad enough that we received our ESES diagnosis in June. But, I'm not worrying about that today. Today marks a whole year without rescue medication. Over a year without an ambulance, since the few seizures he had after starting the Ketogenic Diet were milder and didn't require an ambulance.
We still don't let Owen sleep alone all night because of the ESES, but we let him out of our sight for more than 4 minutes at a time now. He is allowed to play in the yard or the playroom without someone watching over him constantly. I don't carry rescue medication everywhere we go anymore. I still keep it close by, but I don't have to take it every time we go to the store or into the library anymore. We aren't on constant alert for seizure activity. It used to be an official chore for the older kids to watch Owen for seizure activity any time Rod or I couldn't. We don't do that anymore. We are able to treat him the way we would our other 5 year olds. The Ketogenic Diet is a pain in the neck sometimes and Owen still really misses some of his favorite foods, but it is so worth it! The best thing is that Owen knows how much the diet has helped. He doesn't try to cheat anymore (he still complains sometimes),but he turns down offers of food that isn't on his diet because he knows how much better he feels. I can't believe the difference in the last year!

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