Sunday, October 26, 2014

Kid's Clothes Sewing Week Wrap Up {Fall 2014}


This last week was Kid's Clothes Sewing week again. I skipped the summer one because we were just too busy that week. This week, I had a bunch of sewing projects I needed to work on anyway, so I decided this would be great motivation to finish some of it. I did get in my hour a day of sewing each day (even the day Rod worked until midnight!). I didn't, however, get pictures of anything until today.
My first project was Morgan's witch skirt for her Halloween costume. I told the kids I wasn't doing much sewing for Halloween this year, so they cobbled together costumes from previous years and the dress up box. Morgan had seen a costume in a catalog she really liked though, so when I was in Joann's picking up a few other things, I couldn't resist this orange cobweb fabric.

The next two things I made were for Morgan also. It finally got cold here and I realized that most of Morgan's pants were way too short. I made her two pairs of Parsley Pants out of baby wale corduroy. I made a size 7 for her, but I added several inches of extra length including enough to make a small cuff that we can roll down as she grows. I'm hoping they'll last through the winter that way.
Then I started in on baby things. I don't need much for this baby, but a few long sleeved items were on my list. I didn't save much from Morgan and Brenna was born in May and didn't need many warm items. These little dresses are made from side snap t-shirts. I love side snap T's for little babies, but they are kind of boring so I dressed them up a little.

For this little dress I used one of my most often used patterns, the Miss Violet pattern by The Handmade Dress. I've never actually made this pattern according to the directions, not even once. I use it as a base pattern for all sorts of little smock type dresses. This time I used a soft cotton lawn. I extended the sleeves to be long, cut it down the front and added button plackets, and bound the neck edge instead of using elastic. I also pleated the front instead of gathering it.

The next little dress I made was from a  French pattern. I love Citronille patterns! If I had unlimited funds, I'd probably have all of them. I used the Rose pattern for this dress. I made a few changes here too. I extended the length to a dress instead of a tunic and I closed up the back instead of leaving it open.
I ended up with SEVEN finished projects! Which I think is pretty good seeing as most days I only got in the minimum hour of sewing time. Most of the projects were pretty simple, but I'm still giving myself a thumbs up. Now If I just do two more weeks of this, I should be mostly caught up with the amount of sewing I want to get done.


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