Saturday, October 25, 2014

Fluffy Booties

The baby knitting continues! I made these little booties last week. I knit them up in one day, but then they sat around for a week until I finally got them seamed up. I mostly knit seamless projects to avoid that little problem, but I loved these booties so much I had to make them despite the seams.
My favorite yarn store had their Pajama Party sale a couple of weeks ago and I just happened to have some cash leftover from our great Wolf Lodge trip so I had to go to the sale. Thanks to everything being 40% off, I actually stayed within my budget too!
I really, really want to get more of this yarn in the other colors (all of the other colors) and make a few more of these. The big kids all want me to make them some, but that would NOT be in my budget.

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