Friday, October 24, 2014

Ice Cream for Dinner { Ketogenic Diet Recipe}

Last week we celebrated Ice Cream for Dinner Day! The kids loved it! Brenna mostly ate bananas and whipped cream. The other kids tried to see how many toppings they could get in one serving.
Some of those toppings came all the way from New Zealand, thanks to Jason and his big box of junk food.  Don't worry, we also had leftovers for dessert for everyone who still had room for dessert.

I wanted to include Owen so I even came up with a Ketogenic Diet Banana Split. Owen was so excited about eating bananas that he refused to let me mix everything together and ate all the components separately though.

Banana Split  4.04:1 ratio 284 calories

60g 36% cream, whipped
10g Davinci sugar free chocolate syrup (mix with the whipped cream)
13g fresh banana
8g macadamia nuts (Mauna Loa brand)

[Disclaimer: the Ketogenic Diet is a highly specialized medical diet and should be used only under medical supervision. Do not use this recipe without dietician approval.]

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