Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Baby Chicks!

 One of our broody hens managed to hatch out a few chicks. When I went out to check on them a few hours later, these two were about 3 feet away from the nest and getting cold. The mama hen didn't seem to want them back, so I brought them inside.
 A few more hours and there were five more chicks and the mama was herding them around the yard with both of my dogs hot on their heels. I made an executive decision and took the rest of the babies inside too.
 The mama hen wasn't about to take no for an answer and went back on the nest and hatched out two more chicks the next day! One of those was separated and crying loudly, so Connor brought that one in too. The mama seems quite happy with her one remaining chick and seems to be protecting it from the dogs, so I'm letting her keep that one.

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