Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Micro Cooking- Ketogenic Diet Update

 We are less than two weeks from diet initiation now and I'm staring to freak out a bit. The week before we go in to the hospital we have 1 large-ish birthday party, two actual birthdays (low key, but we usually try to do something special), and one wedding to attend. This is in addition to our already packed "normal" schedule. I'll also be packing for Rod, Owen, Brenna, and I to be in Seattle for at least 5 days, Connor and Cameron to be gone at scout camp, and Morgan and Duncan to be at Kristi and Simon's house. Once we get home from the hospital I'll be unpacking everyone AND trying to start the diet. So, I'm trying to make sure I have as many supplies together before we leave as I can. Today I printed out several pages of the approved items list to take to the store. I don't think I've mentioned that not only will Owen's diet be strictly measured and controlled, but he will be able to use only approved body products. The skin absorbs carbs, so Owen will only be able to use certain soaps, shampoos, lotions, sunscreens, bug sprays, and especially toothpastes.
 I also get to something really fun though. I get to buy little, tiny, micro cooking supplies! Only Owen will be on the diet and amounts are tiny ( a 4 ounce container of yogurt is a whole meal), so I've had to pick up things like miniature frying pans, tiny silicone spatulas, and little teeny prep bowls. The measuring cup in these pictures is 1/2 cup.

 With nine of us here at home, I usually cook on an almost industrial scale. Recipes are doubled or even tripled for everyday use. I also do a lot of batch cooking to save time which requires even larger containers. We buy many at our local restaurant supply store. I can't make keto food in large containers because my gram scale couldn't handle it and there would be too much fat lost from not being able to scrape the bowls clean enough. That means I've been getting to buy all sort of little doll sized containers to make his stuff in. I now own a 6" skillet! I don't know why little stuff is so much cuter, but it is.
 I've gotten Owen to eat a few more keto recipes, like cream cheese stuffed olives and peanut butter -butter balls. YUM! I can't believe how many new things Owen has been willing to try lately. It has been such a long journey to go from not being able to eat anything at all to being able to sustain himself eating orally. It seems like we took a long plateau at extremely picky eating, but he's finally trying new things and even eating things he doesn't really like much. I'm feeling a lot more confident about his ability to actually eat the diet without going on a complete hunger strike. Now I just need to convince myself that I can actuall manage to do this without letting everything else completely fall apart. Somehow I think the other kids will want to continue eating even if I'm spending 3 hours a day feeding Owen.

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