Monday, July 15, 2013


 We had a birthday party this weekend. Cameron turns 13 this week and Owen turns 4.
 The boys got two cakes! This one was made for us by the owner of our local Baskin Robbin. She was horrified that Owen won't be able to eat anything at her store in another week and made him this wonderful cake as his "last dessert".
 Devon, my future professional cake decorator  daughter, made them this Skylander portal cake. Owen has a bit of an obsession with Skylanders. We have used sklander characters as a bribe/reward for doctors visits many times and he was only missing this last one (he doesn't have all the series 2 or lightcore ones, just one of each actual name. I know he's spoiled.) We managed to track it down as his birthday present and Devon thought this was the best way to present it!
 The boys got a lot of great presents including many things they (or I) had specifically requested including drawing toys for the hospital and fun eating utensils for Owen. Cameron got quite a bit of money and asked us to put it in savings for him, instead of just spending it all.
 We also had the usual (since we've moved out to the county) go-cart and quad rides, as well as a swimming pool for the little ones.
 Summer birthdays are so much fun!

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