Monday, July 29, 2013

Duncan the Lego Maniac

 We interrupt this Owenfest for a post about one of my other children. Yes, I do have other children. A whole bunch of them actually.
 Duncan has been spending several days constructing this Lego castle.

 He took the pictures all by himself too.

I'm pretty sure this is the jail
I have to confess, I don't remember what each of the buildings are but they each have a specific purpose.

 I know there is a gatehouse, a stable, a forge, a jail, a kitchen, the main keep, and soldiers quarters.

 I just can't remember which building is which.
 See what a good job he did cropping out the rest of the messy playroom!
 This is the gate. The kingdom was united by marriage so there is one flag for the prince and one for the princess.
 I think the catapult is pretty self explanatory.
 I'm also pretty sure this guy is the blacksmith. Duncan has had a fascination with blacksmithing for a long time. A few years ago he tried to apprentice himself to the blacksmith at Camlann.
 I love it when my kids make their own creations out of Legos instead of just following the instructions. When I was a child I was always frustrated by Lego that were supposed to be built a certain way. It sort of defeats the whole purpose. I'm glad some of my children agree.

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