Thursday, September 26, 2013

Flight- Young Eagles Program

Cessna Cardinal
 Connor and Cameron have been working on the Flight merit badge for Boy Scouts. Last weekend their troop partnered with the Young Eagles group and they got to go up in actual planes.
 Connor and Cameron rode in one of the bigger of the three planes, so Cameron rode in the back and didn't actually get to pilot. Connor got to pilot the plane during most of their 20+ minutes in the air.
  There were a few time slots left open, so the Scout troop opened them up to siblings between the ages of 8 and 18 (Young Eagle requirements), we quickly e-mailed back and managed to snag one of the spots for Duncan.
 Duncan chose to ride in the little plane, not realizing that since he was the only "passenger" he would get to fly the whole time they were in the air. He got to take off too! Thankfully, he didn't get to land the plane.The plane he rode in was designed to be the safest fixed wing plane ever made. It's completely roll over proof.
 I think this has bumped river rafting out of the way for the favorite scout event of the year award.

 After the flight the boys received a code to sign up for Young Eagles membership. This gives them access to all sorts of information and videos about flight and being a pilot. They will also be notified about other events in our area. The boys came right home and signed up. Connor already has developed a plan to get his pilots license! Duncan was thrilled that he was able to fly a plane before he was old enough to drive a car. Devon was a little upset that she was too busy decorating a cake to participate, I think more air time will definitely be in our future.


  1. That is awesome! I'm sure this would be something Tyler would like to try.

    1. We're on the list to be notified next time they hold an event here. I'll have to get Tyler signed up.

  2. More like favorite scout event EVER! (I'm going to have to file this idea away for our troop)

    1. Yeah, probably the favorite scout event EVER!