Sunday, September 1, 2013

Sewing for Morgan

  Finally we got pictures of Morgan in her new clothes today! Morgan picked out the fabric and pattern for this skirt and top. We used Simplicity 5706. I've had this pattern in my stash for a while, but have never actually used it before. I get most of my big name patterns when Joann's has their 10 for $10 sales. If I have a few extra dollars I stock up on basic patterns that don't really go out of style. I often get little sewing fits at 10:00 at night when I'm completely broke and it's nice to be able to pull something out of my stash to sew.  I lengthened the top and the skirt ruffle by a few inches as Morgan is very long and lean. I also prefer to make children's clothes with plenty of grow room.

 This is the Brooklyn dress pattern. I fell in love with the sleeves on this dress. It's just so sweet looking. I also lengthened the skirt on this dress. I'm not sure how many extra inches I added. The pattern just has you cut rectangles for the skirt, so instead of measuring, I just held the fabric up to Morgan and cut the length I wanted. I actually made the sunbonnet almost a year ago for the fair. I made one for Brenna because she's so pale and wasn't old enough for sunscreen yet. Morgan wanted one too of course. I've planned on making matching dresses since I finished the bonnets. It only took me a year, that's not too bad. Except that I still haven't made Brenna's yet.

 This dress I made out of fabric I actually bought to make something (I can't remember what) out of the summer Owen was born. I didn't get around to making whatever it was before Owen was born and I obviously didn't get it done right after! I should have made this one size smaller (7 instead of 8) with this same length. I wanted it too be big enough to wear layers under this Winter and still fit as a sundress next Summer, but it ended up a little bigger than I wanted. Not enough too big that I plan on taking it apart and fixing it though. This is from Simplicity 9172. I have actually used this pattern before. I made a few dresses in size 3 for Devon. See what I mean about purchasing classic patterns. This style will always be wearable. I'm sure I'll use it for Brenna someday too.

 Right now I'm working on re-fashioning a man's shirt into a tunic for Devon. I thought I'd have it done today, but I made a mistake that does need to fixed, so maybe tomorrow.

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