Thursday, September 19, 2013

Mystery Solved!

 We recently had a mystery at our house. Last night my husband moved the couch so Duncan could clean behind it (Duncan is currently responsible for floors) and "The Case of the Missing Cotton Balls" was solved.
 See, we have to test Owen's ketones regularly with urine test strips. Owen still isn't potty trained, we're hoping that will change if we can start reducing his medications, but for now he still doesn't seem to be able to use the toilet with any consistency. So, we do the test by packing cotton balls in his diaper and squeezing them over the test strip. Fun, I know!

 About two weeks ago, I changed Owen and stuffed in his cotton balls (Yes, all the boys think it is hilarious that Owen has cotton Balls. Ha Ha, get it?) Only when I went to change his diaper and test his ketones, the cotton balls were gone! Where did they go? How did they get out of his diaper? He hadn't taken his diaper off and I KNEW I'd put them in, but they weren't there. We looked almost everywhere, except the place they actually were, of course. I didn't know when they'd fallen out (been taken out on purpose, been magically vaporized), so I didn't know if they were already wet or not. I'm not exactly the world's greatest housekeeper, but the thought of urine soaked cotton balls hiding SOMEWHERE in my house was not a pleasant one.

 Last night Rod moved the couch so Duncan could clean the floor under it and maybe find some missing items. We were hoping to find the sticks to the  Popsicle molds and a remote, but we also found the missing cotton balls! I guess the mystery still isn't completely solved since I still don't know how they got there, but at least I'm not worried about where I'll find wet cotton balls anymore. No, I'm not going to tell you if they had already been wet on or not!

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