Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Keto Update!

Monday was Owen's follow up appointment with his Keto team. The big news is that we will be increasing his calories after all. I just posted here about cooking meals ahead and getting them in the fridge and freezer. Changing Owen's calories means re working all of his recipes. Which means that all the meals I pre-made would be worthless. Luckily I'm smarter than that. I convinced Nurse Jenny that we should just add on to Owen's bedtime snack making it closer to a meal! I managed to come up with a few little dessert treats that I can add to the yogurt he already gets. This has the added benefit of giving him a special incentive to finish his medication and supplement laden yogurt. Once he finishes the yucky tasting stuff he gets a cookie or candy (sweetened with Stevia).

 We also went over the results of the bloodwork from our last appointment. The good news is that everything was normal except for his carnitine and his acidity. We will be adding a carnitine supplement and trying harder to get his baking soda down him. We sort of gave up on the baking soda for a while as we were having such a problem getting him to eat it.

 We will see the neurologist again in November. This time they gave us the lab packet ahead of time so we can have fasting labs drawn a week or so before the appointment so we can go over the results AT the appointment. I really prefer having the test results at the appointment to having to go over them on the phone later. It makes things so much more convenient.

 Morgan and Brenna came along with us this time. Brenna since she is still nursing a few times a day and Morgan because she has been feeling really left out lately with all the attention on Owen. After the appointment, we stopped at the fabric store and picked out the fabric for Morgan's elf outfit. We have a Lord of the Rings/ Hobbit party to attend next weekend and she will be able to use the same costume for Halloween. That made her feel a little better!

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