Sunday, September 29, 2013


 Several years ago the kids and I studied the Feast of Tabernacles AKA Sukkot in our homeschool. We intended to continue our studies through an entire year of Biblical feasts, but that never actually happened (although I do remember doing something for Passover).
 For our study of Tabernacles, I decided to let the kids turn the living room into a giant Tabernacle. Every year since that first one( I can't remember how long ago, but at least 6 years), we have built forts in the living room or the kids bedrooms. I let the kids eat and do their schoolwork in the "booths".
 I admit that this year I only let them keep the forts up for about 3 days, not the Biblical 7. That was all I could handle! We also are obviously not too concerned with accuracy.
  It's just turned in to a fun part of our homeschool. It's nice to shake things up a bit and if they are learning something as well, all the better.

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