Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Saturday Sibshop!

I know, messed up hair!
 Saturday our local Parent to Parent support group had a pizza and bowling Sibshop. Sibshops are special events and workshops especially for siblings of special needs children. This event was actually designed for kids from 7-13, but often if there is enough room they will allow children close to the recommended ages, so Connor (14) and Morgan (6 turning 7 in Dec.) were allowed to go too.
 We haven't taken the kids bowling since Owen was born. Things have either been so nuts time and logistics wise or we've been too cash strapped to go. Morgan had never actually bowled since she wasn't big enough last time we went.
 I am often filled with guilt over all the activities my little ones haven't experienced. The older kids got to do lots of stuff with various homeschool groups and scout troops we have participated in, but the younger ones haven't gotten to do much that doesn't revolve around doctor visits and hospital stays.  Most of Owen's life, just going to the park has required hours of planning and preparation time. We've had to cancel many activities due to illness  and seizures. 
 I appreciate these activities through Parent to Parent so much! Especially the Sibshops that allow my other children to be the center of attention once in a while.

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