Thursday, September 5, 2013

Target Practice

  We decided it was time for a little target practice last weekend. Why? Well, it's fun.

 The other reason is that we have found coyote scat in our yard. Not on the edges of the property. No, we've found it right by the house. Next to the trampoline, by the play Gym, and right next to the garage door. That's a little too close for my liking!

 Several ( Okay, two. We don't have very many neighbors) of the neighbors have reported the coyotes being especially fearless this year. The next door neighbor found a mama with cubs across the street in a relative's  driveway. They didn't move when he drove up on his quad. This was in the middle of the day!

 So, we decided it was time to pull out the guns. The kids were more than willing to  warm them up for us. If you look closely in the background shots you can see our goats. Nugget was a little nervous at first and went inside, but she eventually came back out once she noticed that Millie and Chico weren't the least bit worried about the noise.

 Owen had never used the gun before. He decided he wanted to aim at this poor little flower. He actually HIT it! He was so excited. We had to keep the flower in a plastic bag to prove that he hit something his very first try.  The first time we took Cameron shooting, he hit the can he'd been aiming at and then the bullet ricocheted and hit the bottle next to the can and broke it. The kids have decided that Owen got Cameron' marksmanship abilities. Poor Brenna was disappointed about not getting to shoot, but we have a rule that you have to be bigger than the gun to shoot (unless it's mounted). She isn't quite as tall as our Little Cricket yet, so she'll have to wait. Plus she wouldn't keep in the ear plugs!


  1. We had a coyote in the pasture this morning. It was "trying" to sneak up on our chickens, but the rooster spotted it first. Even when the dogs started barking at it, it just stood there looking at us. We finally let the dogs out to chase it off. The coyote pack took a deer down where my kids swim a few months ago! I hate them!

    1. I think I need big dogs. I have two pomeranians, the coyotes look at them and think "MMM, appetizers!"