Monday, February 24, 2014

18 years!

That's right! Rod and I have now been married for 18 years. I doesn't seem like it could possibly have been that long, except for the fact that our oldest turned 17 last week.
Sorry I don't have any good pictures of Rod and I
Friday night we made the big kids babysit and went out to dinner at our favorite Chinese restaurant. Then because we are so incredibly cool, we went to the grocery store and drove by the gas station to see if they had any lights they needed Rod to fix. We had planned to go out to dinner Saturday night also, but instead I got sick and we got a whole dump load of snow. So, we ended up staying home instead.
Today, we celebrated our actual anniversary by taking my Dad in for surgery, which went well by the way, and digging the cars out of the ice. The snow wasn't really a problem, it was the layer of ice on top of the snow that made things difficult.
See the ice?
I know anniversary post are supposed to be exciting and sappy and all, but around here simple and boring is just fine. Especially after all the drama of the last few weeks. I wouldn't have minded not being sick though. That part really sucks. Maybe next year?!

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