Sunday, February 23, 2014


It's been snowing here for two days straight. Well, there was a little rain break for a couple of hours yesterday, but mostly snow.
Morgan loves the snow, she's barely come in at all. I have to lure her in with marshmallow topped, candy cane flavored hot chocolate.
Brenna also loves the snow, but she gets cold very fast and has to go out for frequent short trips. She was having a lot of fun crawling around on all fours digging the snow like a "kitty".

Owen wasn't quite as thrilled. When we asked him if he wanted to go out he said, "But, but, it's really cold out there in the snow!" He did finally go out, but got upset that the snow was getting all over his boots and mittens. He did enjoy being pulled around on the sled.
Devon gets a snow day tomorrow. Unfortunately for the other kids, homeschool doesn't have to shut down for a little snow. Or even 12 inches of snow. We might do a lot of P.E. tomorrow though.

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