Saturday, February 1, 2014


Do you remember Wite-Out? You know, that stuff that covered up writing/typing mistakes back in the eighties before printing out a new copy was so cheap and easy that no one needed it anymore. That stuff that I NEVER used for anything other than decorating my notebook because you could see it on the paper and then someone would have known that I had actually made a mistake. Well, it seems that we had some here in the house. No one seems to have purchased it, but it was new enough to not be all dried out. Brenna found it! Want to see?

So, it seems to come off after about 15 minutes of soaking in water which worked well on her hands and feet (think nail polish), but isn't going to be effective on her face. Somehow, I think soaking her head in water for 15 minutes would not be a good idea, so I guess we get to take the "let it wear off naturally" approach.
 So, what did you do today? Want to trade, just for a day?

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