Tuesday, February 4, 2014

What a Day!

Well, today was one of those days. You know the kind I'm talking about, right? We started out by waking Owen up for an early morning, fasting blood draw. That's not usually anyone's favorite start to a day, but today was worse than usual. Owen started whimpering and whining as soon as we woke him up. "I don't want to go anywhere!" The only thing we ever wake him up for (since lack of sleep is a huge seizure trigger for him) is doctor's appointments, so he had a good idea of what was up as soon as he awoke. By the time Rod hauled him out to the car he had progressed to full blown screaming which didn't actually end until everything was over. A very nice lady at the lab asked to please exchange numbers with Owen so he could move 4 places forward in line, as he was causing quite a ruckus by then. Then he told the lab assistant that he didn't want her to hurt him. Thankfully, they didn't have to take quite as much blood as the last few times. This time they're only checking medication levels and basic blood counts, not the whole nutritional work up. He actually made it home in record time.
Then we moved on to schoolwork, which actually went quite well today, only a little grumbling and typical Brenna interruptions. We had promised Owen that he could play Wii after his blood draw, so I set it up for him and let Morgan have some free computer time after she finished her reading. Then, I made my big "mistake" for the day. After an hour had passed, I told the kids that they had had enough screen time and needed to get off of the Wii and computer. Morgan threw a tantrum and Growled at me as she ran to her room and Owen called me a Stupid Mommy. Somehow they thought that would change my mind and I would suddenly decide to let them play after all. I have no idea how they got that idea, but needless to say they didn't get to play again for the rest of the day and probably won't be playing tomorrow either.

  We are very slowly getting over our illness. No one is really sick anymore, but we are all still worn out and tired. I think that is the biggest contributing factor in the overall bad mood. Brenna is also teething again and she is not my easiest teether. Most of the time, I never even knew Owen was teething, I'd just all of a sudden realize he had new teeth. Brenna, on the other hand, is pretty miserable until hers are through.

It is cold, cold, cold here. Even the cats have been staying inside most of the day. The dog went outside for a few minutes and came running back in through the doggie door and jumped in the box with the cat to warm up. And I have Pomeranians, not short haired dogs. The Northeaster has been blowing for 3 days straight here and isn't expected to let up for at least another day. If it has to be cold, I'd really prefer some nice, pretty, white snow! I'd actually prefer a nice, warm, sunny beach, but we don't even get those in the Summer around here, so snow would be my second choice.
Hopefully we'll have a better day tomorrow!

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