Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day! {Ketogenic Diet}

Valentine's Day has been a little rough this year. First, we have a whole bunch of stuff going on right now that does a pretty good job of pushing a minor holiday out in the cold. Then, this is the first Valentine's Day that Owen has been on his keto diet. Why does that matter? Well, a lot of candy and cookies and other goodies have been making the rounds today and Owen can't have them. I bought one bag of candy for the other kids to share and then we got a cake for dessert, but we didn't get the usual (mini) heart shaped box of candy for each of the kids. We did decide to get the heart shaped pizzas from Papa Murphy's since I could make Owen his own heart pizza too, and because a dollar from each pizza is going to be donated to Starlight Children's Foundation, one of our favorite charities. Rod also got flowers for the girls and I. The girls get to share a bouquet, I get my very own!
Owen is doing great on his medication wean so far. Yesterday he was really wild but he settled down a lot today. He's twitched a little more than usual, but no actual seizures.
 Beads of Courage is giving out a special valentine bead for anyone who posts their beads in a heart shape, so Owen had fun helping me make this today. He loves his beads so much. His eyes just light up when he sees them.
Owen's Beads of Courage
Devon is gone at a Birthday party tonight, then tomorrow is her 17th Birthday. I can't believe she's that old already!

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