Wednesday, February 19, 2014

If You Can't Say Something Nice...

Don't Say Nothin' At All!

The hits just keep on coming. I haven't got anything nice to say right now, so I almost didn't post at all today. We are still in the thick of the title dispute. Things should be wrapping up soon, but it's not looking good for us. The septic pump went out. We did get the water heater fixed, although the fact that it needed fixing at this point in our title problems really sucks. Owen's neurology appointment got switched, so we won't be in Seattle at the doctor's all day for our anniversary which turned out to be an especially good thing seeing as my Dad is going in for heart surgery that day.  My Stepdad's heart surgery last week went well though. I think the problem with the bank mixing up our bank account with Devon's account is finally fixed too, so maybe things are starting to look up? It would be really nice if that turned out to be the case.
I actually have some really cute Brenna pictures to post, but I left the camera in the room where she is sleeping, so I'm breaking my own rule and posting without a picture.

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