Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Guess Who's Going to Boston?

That's right! Devon is going to Boston this Summer. We just bought her tickets. She originally wanted to go over Spring Break, but we decided that wouldn't be a very long trip and if we're going to pay that much for tickets she may as well get her money's worth.
Why Boston? Well, Devon has a friend from the Boston area who is over here going to college and they thought it would be nice to spend some time together there too. Devon will also be visiting Uncle Sonny and Aunt Linda, who live just outside of Boston.
Did you know that airlines charge a mandatory fee for unaccompanied minors to pay for someone to accompany them to the gates? Even if the minor in question is 17 1/2 at the time of travel. So, we chose to fly United since they don't have the fee if the minor in question is over 14. Seriously! A seventeen and a half year old is not considered capable of navigating an airport by themselves. Devon drives, goes to college, and has a job, but needs a babysitter to get on a plane. Anyway, we thought it was ridiculous (not for children under say 12? And I don't have a problem with it being an option up to 18) so we went with the one airline that doesn't have the charge.
She'll be gone just over two weeks. She has lots of plans to see the East coast while she's over there. You know you live in the West when you are amazed at how many different states you can go through on the East coast in the same amount of time it would take to get one state away over here.
Last year we made her get a job to help pay for her car and next year she'll be doing an internship for school, so we decided this year would be the best time to travel (the internship may involve travel, but that's not the same). Her Dad and I are covering part of the trip as her Birthday present this year, but she's been busy saving up for the rest of it. I think she has some major shopping planned!

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