Monday, February 3, 2014

Kids Clothes Sewing Week- Wrap Up

I did it! I actually managed to sew for at least an hour a day for a whole week! I mostly got only an hour a day in, but I pushed a bit this weekend and managed a few hours extra.  I finished 5 items.Well, if finished means nothing has buttons yet, which this week it does. Today I had two dresses and a top each about 3/4 finished, so I have 3 finished items to show off.
See, no buttons.
 This is a  Geranium Dress for Brenna. I used some more of THIS fabric. I've been trying not to buy this pattern for a while, telling myself that it isn't enough different from other patterns I already have to spend the money on, but I finally caved, and I'm glad. I love this dress! It's really simple to make too. Morgan has already requested one in her size and Devon wants a couple in her size (there is actually a companion Women's pattern).

Again, no button.
I still had some of the fabric left, so I made Brenna an Izzy Top as I wanted to use up every bit of this fabric. No, the zebras aren't lined up perfectly like they were on the other dress, I'm trying to ignore that since I know no one except me and my mother will even notice, let alone care. This pattern was also easy to make and best of all it's a free download. Free is one of my favorite words and I also love this pattern.

Look, no buttons here either!
Next up was a dress for Morgan. I can't get the color to show up right on this it's actually fuchsia not rose like it looks here. This dress has a little bit of a story. A long time ago, Project Run and Play had a challenge where everyone was supposed to re do the free Popover Sundress pattern to suit their own personal style. They have a play-along portion where anyone can send in their pictures, not just the competitors. I actually started, but obviously not finished, this dress for that challenge. Anyway, better late than never, right? I used a medium weight linen I got as part of a Doggie Bag sale from HERE. I made closed bias straps instead of ties and added a placket (no buttons yet), then I pleated it insted of gathering it. Otherwise, I pretty much followed the pattern. Except for making a size 6 with an 8 length, since Morgan is long and skinny.

I think things turned out well this week. I finished 5 items, sewed for an hour or more a day all week, and I have a good excuse to go button shopping now.



  1. Nice dresses! I wish I had the time and patient to sew like you did! I guess I need to learn to sew my kids dress as well.

  2. Thanks Jhennifer! My Mom is an excellent seamstress and I started learning while I was in kindergarten.