Tuesday, April 15, 2014


So, it looks like it was a good thing we had Kristi's shower last weekend. She ended up in the hospital this morning with extremely high blood pressure. After several attempts to bring it down failed, she was transported to Seattle. It's looking like we will have a Grandbaby tomorrow one way or another. Right now, baby is doing fine, it's Kristi who's having the problems. They are letting her sleep for a few hours and then finalizing plans in the morning according to my latest update. Kristi's due date isn't until June 8th so baby should have 7-8 more weeks to go. Right now we are playing the waiting game, but it doesn't look like there's any way she'll be going too much longer. They are guessing Carlitos is about 4- 4.5 lbs right now. We've been planning on a pretty big baby, but now it looks like we'll be getting an extra small one. Devon is with her at the hospital and Rod is planning on going down tomorrow, but we have several appointments here the next 2 days as well as a sick child (Duncan this time), so I won't be going to see her until Friday or Saturday. Since I can't be at the hospital right now, I'm spending my time knitting preemie stuff. Devon has both of the cameras with her though, so I won't be posting pictures for a while.
We've been so excited to meet this little guy, but we were really hoping it would still be another month at least.

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