Friday, April 4, 2014


We've finally had a few days without rain, so I let the kids talk me into setting up the easel on the front porch. It took me several tries to get a picture of Owen actually looking at the camera.
I didn't get any better pictures of Morgan than this though. It's so fun watching the kids paint. Morgan actually paints pictures now. She had a girl and a train in her picture. Owen pretty much just mixed colors. He's fascinated with how many colors he can get just using the three primary colors. Brenna just makes a really wet mess.
This is the look I get when I ask Brenna to smile for me.
While the younger kids painted, Duncan was busy playing with his mini kite. He only got it tangled up in a tree once.
We have been busy, busy, busy around here. We're getting the garden ready and cleaning and re-arranging the animal areas. I've been cleaning up the rabbit cages and making some repairs to the flooring to prepare for new babies. I've also been cleaning out the chicken pen and hardening off our new chicks, who don't really look like babies anymore. Rod has been making some repairs and improvements to the goat fields to better accommodate our new alpacas.

Devon has been on spring break this week and starts her new quarter on Tuesday. This quarter she takes her Artisan Bread Baking class, I can't wait! She's also been applying for jobs since she has a much smaller course load this quarter than last, so she should have time for a part-time job.

Connor is starting Driver's Ed on Tuesday and still working at his Grandpa's office a couple of hours a week. Cameron is going to start at the office soon too.

Duncan and Morgan are busy with school. We are studying aquatic animals in science and just got tadpoles this week. The kids can't wait to see them grow into frogs. I just hope Brenna lets them live that long. She played with the sea monkeys the other day and we only have two left now.

Owen is adjusting pretty well to the re-increase in medication and the change in Keto ratio. He's changed his favorite food again, but I'm not sure if that's in response to the ratio changing  the recipes or just due to the fact that he seems to choose a new favorite food every few weeks anyway. We are already noticing his cognitive and behavioral issues go back to how they were before the medication reduction. Our ultimate goal on the ketogenic diet is to get seizure freedom on the diet alone and eventually even stop the diet and maintain that freedom from seizures, but right now I'm just trying to be happy with no seizures even if it requires the diet AND medications to stay that way.

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