Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Beautiful Brenna!

Brenna helping herself to peanut butter
I know I post a lot about what a handful Brenna is, and that is definitely true. She is also the cutest, sweetest little girl in the whole world ( and no that doesn't preclude your little girl being the cutest, sweetest little girl in the world. I'm not entirely sure how, but it is possible for all little girls to simultaneously be the cutest, and sweetest.).
I took just Brenna with me this week while I was running errands. We walked in the door at the library and she immediately started waving and saying hi to everyone we saw. Then as we walked away, she she would wave again and say bye-bye. She helped me put the books in the book drop and carefully picked out her own books. Then she ran all the books through the self-checkout and helped me carry them to the car.
I try to remind myself that some of the most annoying toddler traits are actually some of the best traits for a teenager to have. Brenna is (or tries really hard to be) self sufficient, helpful, and friendly. These are traits I want her to have as she grows up. Right now it might mean that I have a huge mess to clean up when she's done being self-sufficient, or that it takes me twice as long to do a task because she's "helping", but it will serve her well when she's older.

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