Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter 2014! {and Ketogenic Diet}

We started Easter morning with Easter baskets and strawberry whipped cream waffles. Then we headed over to Brian and Kristina's for a barbeque and an egg hunt with the cousins.
The older kids have been wanting to hide eggs instead of just finding them and we parents thought that sounded a lot easier for us. So, we divided the kids up into two teams and had half the kids hide eggs out back and the other half hide out front. Then,we had the teams switch positions for the hunt. Brenna decided to hide all her eggs on her person as she didn't want to give them up.
Morgan managed to wedge this egg into the fence!
Can you see the eggs hiding in the tree?

This was Owen's first Easter on the ketogenic diet. We marked some eggs with an O and stuffed them with little toys instead of candy. We told him he had to only look for eggs with his initial on them. He was the only little one hunting in the back yard, so most of his eggs were pretty obvious and the others were hidden pretty well. He would pick up each egg and search for an O before he put it in his bag. One time he picked up an egg and said, " Darn! This one is a D!" and threw it across the lawn. I guess the Easter bunny needs better handwriting. He absolutely refused to take any egg that didn't have an O even when he found an unmarked one that just had money in it, he insisted on putting it back.

Later in the day, we had the great idea of lining up all the cousins by age and getting a picture. Do you have any idea what it's like getting 9 kids, hopped up on sugar ( except Owen who can't have any) to stand nicely for a picture? If not, check these out and you might have a better understanding.
Take one. Thanks Buddy!
Take two.
Take three.
And take four.
Okay we're done! That's the best we're getting. See what nice stairsteps the little kids make? The big kids mess the order up a bit though. Cameron is the tallest now, followed by Connor, then Devon, then Tyler when he's not on tip toes. We were only able to get Brenna to stand still for one photo, so , of course, that's the picture Buddy decided to get in. Not that that would have been a problem if he'd been posing nicely instead of just walking in front of everyone. Everyone had a great time though even if the group photo was a flop.
It was so nice of Brian and Kristina to host again this year! The kids just love getting to be with the cousins!

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