Friday, April 11, 2014

Kids Clothes Sewing Week - Day 5 and Owen Update


You might have noticed that I didn't do a day 4 post. I did get in my hour of sewing yesterday, but I didn't finish a project or get any pictures. Yesterday was already going to be a busy day with Connor's driver's Ed lessons in the afternoon and a bridal shower Devon and I attended in the evening, but it ended up a lot busier than I had planned. I ended up taking a very lethargic Owen to the doctor's office for some tests. The kids have been passing a stomach bug and he caught it. Only instead of his lasting for 24 hours like everyone else, he got really sick. He was refusing his food and gagging/choking/ throwing up  for 5 days. Yesterday I was having trouble getting even fluids down him, so after several phone calls to the regular doctor and the specialists, we headed to the local doctor's office. It seems that the illness wasn't playing nice with the ketogenic diet and making Owen much sicker than he would have been otherwise. Especially since his body was still adjusting to the recent ratio change we made to the diet. It sent him into acidosis which made his feel even sicker. Once we figured out what was going on, I was able to make a few changes in the diet, including feeding him more baking soda than usual and giving him a few extra carbs. His potassium levels were low too, so we've increased his supplement for a few days. Today he's eaten all but one of his meals and is drinking about twice as much as yesterday. He's even played outside for a while. Hopefully he'll be back to normal meals by tomorrow although the extra baking soda may become a permanent fixture. 
Anyway, I finally got a chance to finish this little tunic today. I just needed to hem it and do the buttons and buttonholes. then Morgan and I headed outside for a little, extremely windy photo shoot. At least it wasn't raining today! I used THIS gorgeous little French pattern. I bought it last year, but hadn't gotten around to sewing it yet. When we found this sweet cotton lawn at the fabric store, I knew it was meant for this top. The pattern comes in size 6 or size 8 and Morgan wears a 7, so I made the 8 for grow room. The six would have fit her, but just barely.
I just love all the little details on this pattern (I know, most of them don't show up in the pictures due to the print, but trust me, they're great!). It was still pretty simple to sew though. If you actually can read French, I'd say an advanced beginner could make this pattern, but if you don't read French I wouldn't try this if you don't have experience with plackets, collars, and bias bound sleeves. Yes, the pattern is in French.
So, I need to go now and finish a quilt for my Grandson's baby shower tomorrow. Nothing like waiting until the last minute, right?

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