Saturday, April 12, 2014

Baby Shower!

We had the baby shower for my Stepdaughter Kristi and her wonderful husband Simon today! Baby Carlitos is due in just about two months and Kristi is excited to have everything ready for his arrival. Devon made the cake, of course! Kristi and Simon have chosen a safari theme for baby's room. They've already gotten a lot of monkey stuff, so Devon and I and Grandma Carolyn went with elephants for the shower.
Yes, we actually cut the cake. We did save the little elephant on top though.
I've shown some parts of the quilt on the blog before, but I finished it just in time for the shower, so today you get to see the finished product! This is what I was sewing this week in addition to the hour of Kids Clothes Sewing I've been working on.
I also made the diaper cake with a little "help" from Brenna. Brenna was pretty disappointed that the cake was for "Baby Litos" and not for her.
The Blueberry Pomegranate punch turned out pink not blue, but it was still good.
My little nephew couldn't wait for the Bumbo seat to be unwrapped! he just decided to test it out anyway.
My sister Tammy couldn't make the shower since she had to work this weekend, but she sent this little giraffe bank that she painted herself. It even came with starter funds!
Devon won the baby food guessing game, but I think the little kids had the most fun with it.
Devon and Kristi
Grandma Carolyn, Kristi, Me, and Morgan
Mama and Papa
Baby Kevin Carlos
Now we just need to wait a little longer until we get to meet the little guy! I'm not sure who's the most excited!

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