Monday, April 7, 2014

Kids Clothes Sewing Week -Day 1 {Spring 2014}


It's that time again!  Kids Clothes Sewing Week starts today. the challenge is to sew on kids clothes for at least an hour a day every day for one week. I participated in this for the first time last spring and made a whole wardrobe of clothing for Brenna. Then I skipped the summer challenge since we were crazy busy that week with a number of events including a wedding, two birthdays, getting two boys ready for camp (camp started the last day), and preparing for Owen's Ketogenic Diet initiation! Last Fall, I failed miserably. I missed a couple of days of sewing and did not complete a single project. This Winter, I decided to go easy on myself and entered the challenge with no expectations as to what I would accomplish other than sewing (including pattern tracing and cutting) for the hour each day. I managed to finish 3 projects other than buttons for one of the dresses since I didn't get a chance to go to the store and didn't have what I wanted in my button box.

Brenna "helping" me cut out fabric
This week, I got ambitious again and ended up with a huge pile of things to work on. Morgan is in desperate need of some new clothes and we haven't found what we want in the stores, so fabric shopping we went. I planned on getting a bunch of stuff cut out over the weekend so I could spend the week just sewing. It's the pattern tracing and cutting fabric that takes the longest and is hardest for me to do with the kids around. I can often find 15 minutes here and there throughout the day to sew if I have everything cut and ready to go. Due to an extra busy weekend and a few mishaps like not having any tape to put printable patterns together with and running out of printer paper, I didn't actually manage to get anything cut out over the weekend although I did finally get all my patterns in order!
Today I managed to get a top, a dress, and two pairs of leggings cut out with a little "help" from Brenna AND I managed to get them all sewn up! Yes, I sewed for more than an hour and NO, I won't be keeping that pace up all week, but it was a nice start seeing as though I was already behind (my self imposed) schedule. 
I did not, however, finish up in time to get pictures of Morgan in the clothes. That will have to wait until tomorrow. One of my goals this challenge is to get decent pictures of the stuff I make instead of crappy, dark, un-modeled photos taken on my dining room table at midnight. Hopefully the weather will cooperate for a photo shoot tomorrow!

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