Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Baby Carlitos!

On Sunday, Rod, Connor, and I headed to Seattle to see baby Carlitos, and his Mommy and Daddy, of course.  Carlitos is over 4 lbs now and is starting to breastfeed! We got to hold him for the first time, but, although I remembered to pack the camera, I forgot to check if it was charged. I only got a few pictures before it died completely. Luckily, Kristi had remembered to charge her camera so she got pictures of us holding him.
He was being so cute, that I told him I was going to take his picture and his response was to cover his face with his arm.
His Mommy moved his arm out of the way so I could get the picture anyway. We don't use a flash on him since his little eyes are still so sensitive.
He has the tiniest little hands!
This is how he holds his pacifier.
While Kristi was holding him, I noticed that he has exactly the same cowlicks on the back of his head as Owen has. I've always thought that Owen's had a very unique pattern so seeing that Carlitos has the exact same ones was pretty surprising. Genetics is a very interesting field. I'm always surprised how things pass down. Owen is only Carlitos's half uncle from a purely genetic standpoint. He also has the same long, skinny fingers Connor has. I've always assumed that came from my side of the family, but Carlitos doesn't share any genetic material with me.
After playing with baby for a while, we took Kristi and Simon out to dinner. Then we headed home to give Owen his medication and put the other kids to bed.
We're going down again on Saturday with the whole family. The younger kids won't be allowed to see baby, but Kristi and Simon have an apartment nearby they can stay at while the older ones visit. I can't wait to see the little guy again! I can't believe how well he's doing.

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