Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Pixie is the white one and Sonata is the black.
We are having so much fun with our alpacas. Brenna especially loves to help me with them. I've gotten all the quail cages finished and set up under the rabbits, complete with their own automatic watering system. We've finally gotten both of the lawn mowers in working condition. Most of the yard has dried out enough to mow. There's just one little section that will have to wait. I haven't gotten the garden tilled yet, as it isn't quite dried out enough for that. I'm almost finished planting my raised garden beds though.
Glory B is the brown and white alpaca

We're adjusting to a new schedule around here. Devon just started Spring quarter and has different class times. Cameron is no longer going to his reading tutor and Connor just started Driver's ed. I feel like I don't have a clue who's coming or going, let alone when. We should get used to the new routine in a few weeks. Especially, if we can keep everyone from getting sick. I had three sick kids last week and this week a few of us have the sniffles. I'm hoping it's just our pesky seasonal allergies. Mine started the day Rod mowed the lawn which certainly fits my seasonal pattern. You'd think with always wanting a mini farm as bad as I have, I could have been born without allergies to things like animals and hay, but no such luck. I simply refuse to give in to them and get used to the stuffiness and rashes(from the hay, no rashes from the animals).
Doesn't Surprise have the cutest little face?
Owen seems to be getting back to normal after his illness last week. His ketone test finally came back a little on the high side, but not dangerously so. I'm guessing he had so many problems because of getting the stomach bug when he was already borderline over from trying to adjust to the new ketogenic diet ratio. He's eating and drinking like normal again although he's still complaining a lot. He really doesn't like taking the extra baking soda, not that I blame him, but it's necessary right now.
Roscoe in the far field away from the girls for now.
Millie and Chico seem to be getting along great with Roscoe
Sonata and her daughter, Surprise
Glory B
I did finish up the Kids Clothes Sewing Week challenge, but I didn't manage to get anything else finished. We were so busy over the weekend that I barely got my hour a day in. I have one dress almost completed, I just need to sew the bodice onto the skirt then do the buttons and buttonholes. The other dress is about halfway finished so hopefully I'll have pictures of those later this week.

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