Friday, August 30, 2013

Stay of Execution

 The good news for today is that we have an official extension on our access issue! We now have until the end of November before our access to our property is cut off. Hopefully that will give us time to settle with the title company. It would still put us on an extremely tight schedule if we do have to move, but maybe it won't come to that.

 I thought these pictures were appropriate. We're still in the dark, but a little bit of moon is shining through. Now we just need some actual sun (figuratively of course).
  My Dad is out of the hospital although this recovery has been a lot rougher than the last. I guess four surgeries in six months is a lot for a body to handle. He seem to be doing a bit better today though.

  I know I promised to finish the Owen story I started here, but I've been exhausted this week and it's a hard story to write. I'll try to finish it this weekend.
 I still haven't gotten pictures of Morgan's new clothes, but I am almost finished with another dress (just needs buttons and button loop). So again, maybe this weekend?

 If Brenna will cooperate,I'm going to try to get some sleep. Unfortunately she hasn't been in a cooperative mood this week. I'm pretty sure she refuses to sleep well whenever she knows I'm stressed and could use a little extra sleep on purpose. It just seems too purposeful to be a coincidence.

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