Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Father's Day!

Yes, I know I'm a few days late with this post, but it's been a long busy week and I've been tired. I've actually fallen asleep on the couch every night after dinner and had to woken up to go to bed. So, the Father's Day post didn't get done until today.
We spent most of the morning making Keto food, then we headed over to Rod's parents house for dinner. Kristi and Simon joined us with baby Carlitos.  I can't believe how big Carlitos is getting. He's getting rolls now! The kids also got to play with their cousins for a while. Owen cried and cried when Caleb left. The Zonisimide withdrawal is making him extremely emotional. We dealt with this type of behavior when we started the Zonisimide. It leveled off after about a month. We'll be taking him off of it very slowly and I'm really hoping he doesn't stay this emotional the whole time.
Barlkey got a little jealous that his Mama was holding the baby.
Rod and I got a new barbeque for our combined birthday/ Father's Day present. Our old one gave up a while ago and we've been using the little camping one ever since. I didn't get pictures of it yet, but Connor and I set it up and we used it for Rod's birthday dinner on Monday. Today, I used it again to make a barbeque hamburger for Owen who was upset about not having hamburgers with everyone else on Monday, but I didn't have a new burger recipe ready for him then. He was very happy to get a hamburger today even if he only got 19 grams and had to have 5 grams of mayonnaise on it and a syringe of oil and a glass of cream to go with it.
Since we've been a little behind this year, we also gave Kristi her Mother's Day present on Father's Day. Hey, we were only a little over a month late!

The big boys helped grandpa work on a new puzzle. The little kids tried to help, but I'm sure you can figure out how well that went.
Grandpa and Duncan managed to find time for a little nap.

Then we headed home and put some very tired kids to bed. The big kids had been to the prom the night before and the little kids had a sleepover with a cousin. So everyone was very tired and beyond ready for bed. Then Mommy and Daddy got to watch a movie all by ourselves. I won't bother telling you which movie because it was so boring I already forgot the name of it and I definetely wouldn't recommend watching it. It was nice to have some quiet time with the kids asleep though. That doesn't happen often now that we have teenagers.

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