Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Mom Fail!

Owen is in Seattle right now having yet another EEG. This is going to be a regular thing for a while now. He'll probably be having one every 3 months or so while we try to wean off his meds. We decided it just isn't feasible for Rod, Owen, Brenna, and I all to go each time since it means getting a hotel for two nights instead of just one(only one parent is allowed to stay with Owen overnight). We've thought about being more forceful weaning Brenna, so I can go with Owen, but she doesn't sleep well anyway and it's even worse if she doesn't get to nurse. We've also been having major problems with several of the children missing Mommy when I'm gone, so Rod took Owen down this time.
We got all their clothes and bathroom items packed as compactly as possible since Rod has to carry everything from the parking garage in one trip (this is another reason for Rod to go, I tend to bring a few more things). We packed Owen's favorite blankie and stuffed animal, and all of his medicines and keto food. I put the camera in the side pouch of the bag and packed the kindle to keep Owen occupied and off they went. Then they got to the hospital and realized that not only was the camera battery almost dead and the charger hadn't gotten packed BUT I had forgotten to give Rod Owen's insurance card. And it's a new one since his last admission. Oh Yeah, insurance cards are a pretty important thing to bring to the hospital, especially when it's a brand new insurance company. Luckily, our hospital is great and is letting us fax the cards to them as soon as we get a chance. I have people ask me all the time how I manage to do everything, well this is just one more piece of proof that I don't.

Owen is doing pretty well so far for a four year old boy confined to bed with electrodes stuck all over his head and chest. In other words wild and whiny. We won't get results until late morning about how his poor little brain is doing. That's when we'll develop our plan for the next few months.
 Hopefully the only lab in our entire county will have figured out how to send Owen's latest lab results to our Doctor by tomorrow too since they have been having trouble with that lately. We've been on the phone for the last several days and they've only managed to find one of the results from the whole stack they ran. It's kind of hard to take Owen all the way to Seattle for a early morning, fasting blood draw. Especially when we can't let him go too long without eating on the ketogenic diet. When we complained about them not faxing the results to our doctor like the lab orders say, they informed us that wasn't their job. But they can't seem to get them to the doctor even when the doctor's office specifically calls and requests the results either. I guess next time I'll give them 3 days to run the tests and then call EVERY SINGLE DAY and ask them about the results until they just fax them to the doctor in the first place so they don't have to talk to me any more. Seriously? Why would we have a whole stack of labs run if the doctor never needs to know the results? But obviously I'm simply too stupid to understand how having a medical monopoly in my county improves medical care.
Anyway, hopefully we'll have good news on the EEG!

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