Thursday, June 26, 2014

Wish Us luck!

After much debate, we have decided to take the whole family on the camping trip again this year. We had originally intended to take everyone, but then we ended up changing Owen's ketogenic diet ratio again. That meant a lot of work re doing all of the recipes. It also meant that I didn't have enough extra food made up to get through the weekend, let alone enough to make it the rest of the week since I wouldn't be spending the weekend cooking. We'd pretty much decided that the little kids and I would stay home and Rod would just take the boys from Duncan on up, including our nephews.
But, I really want some time away that doesn't involve going to the hospital and the little kids were really upset about not going on the trip. I managed to get a few extra meals made up this week, which will get us through the weekend, so we decided to take everyone after all. I won't be blogging the next few days, but I expect to have some great pictures and stories once we get back. Hopefully not quite as great as last year though!  So, wish us luck, since I'm not feeling up to major issues this year. What we really need is a nice, uneventful, relaxing trip!

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